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6) What are you excited for?

summer!!! i can’t wait for the beach and vegas/LA and to be honest even my summer classes, i dunno!!

7) What happened tonight?

uhh i almost ran over a drunk guy passed out in the alley behind my apartment complex when my roommate and i went out for a 7-11 run. it was eventful and i had no idea what to do but i snapchatted it like the girl i am

9) Is confidence cute?

yeah, as long as it’s not the confidence that comes off as cocky

13) What are you gonna do Saturday night?

dunno yet ~ probably study for my finals/exams. last microbio exam on monday lol, hollerrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

39) Who was the last person you danced with?

like forreal dancing i dunno…i don’t remember. but i was jokingly grinding on my friend while singing partition by beyonce the other day haha

Why am I the way I am

yassssssss yasssssss SLAY

yassssssss yasssssss SLAY

ethnhns asked: no YOU'RE cuter

!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m screaming

another all nighterrrr

  • 1. How many bruises on you right now?
  • 2. You talked to an ex today, correct?
  • 3. Have you stayed in a hospital?
  • 4. Is trust a big issue for you?
  • 5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
  • 6. What are you excited for?
  • 7. What happened tonight?
  • 8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted?
  • 9. Is confidence cute?
  • 10. What is the last beverage you had?
  • 11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
  • 12. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?
  • 13. What are you gonna do Saturday night?
  • 14. What are you going to spend money on next?
  • 15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed?
  • 16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?
  • 17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
  • 18. The last time you felt broken?
  • 19. Have you had a soft drink today?
  • 20. Are you starting to realize anything?
  • 21. Are you in a good mood?
  • 22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?
  • 23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?
  • 24. What do you want right this second?
  • 25. What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy?
  • 26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
  • 27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
  • 28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
  • 29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
  • 30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
  • 31. Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to?
  • 32. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?
  • 33. Are you one of those people who never drinks water?
  • 34. Listening to?
  • 35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?
  • 36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?
  • 37. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 38. Who did you last call?
  • 39. Who was the last person you danced with?
  • 40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
  • 41. When was the last time you ate a cupcake?
  • 42. Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today?
  • 43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?
  • 44. Do you tan?
  • 45. If you could, would you take back your last kiss?
  • 46. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
  • 47. Who was the last person to call you?
  • 48. Do you sing in the shower?
  • 49. Do you dance in the car?
  • 50. Ever used a bow and arrow?
  • 51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
  • 52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
  • 53. Is Christmas stressful?
  • 54. Ever eat a pierogi?
  • 55. Favorite type of fruit pie?
  • 56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
  • 57. Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
  • 59. Take a vitamin daily?
  • 60. Wear slippers?
  • 61. Wear a bath robe?
  • 62. What do you wear to bed?
  • 63. First concert?
  • 64. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
  • 65. Nike or Adidas?
  • 66. Cheetos Or Fritos?
  • 67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
  • 68. Favorite Taylor Swift song?
  • 69. Ever take dance lessons?
  • 70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
  • 71. Can you curl your tongue?
  • 72. Ever won a spelling bee?
  • 73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
  • 74. What is your favorite book?
  • 75. Do you study better with or without music?
  • 76. Regularly burn incense?
  • 77. Ever been in love?
  • 78. Who would you like to see in concert?
  • 79. What was the last concert you saw?
  • 80. Hot tea or cold tea?
  • 81. Tea or coffee?
  • 82. Favorite type of cookie?
  • 83. Can you swim well?
  • 84. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
  • 85. Are you patient?
  • 86. DJ or band, at a wedding?
  • 87. Ever won a contest?
  • 88. Ever have plastic surgery?
  • 89. Which are better black or green olives?
  • 90. Opinions on marriage?
  • 91. Best room for a fireplace?
  • 92. Do you want to get married?


Mikko Kuorinki, Wall Piece with 200 Letters, 2010-2011.


Mikko Kuorinki, Wall Piece with 200 Letters, 2010-2011.

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Sometimes people will see what I write and ask if I “need to talk”
I’m not crying out for help
I’m burying the body.

Yoooooooo I kinda miss playing computer games and having online friends and stuff lol

Real life is so stressful

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I don’t want to go in the fire, I just want to stay in my home.

Going to work fills me with an encompassing sense of doom.

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We said we’d keep in touch. But touch is not something you can keep. As soon as it’s gone, it’s gone. We should have said we’d keep in words, because they are all we can string between us—words on a telephone line, words appearing on a screen.
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I’ve been stuck on Chance for a long time now, so here’s a good one.

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update on my life:

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I had his heart, but I broke it every time.

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One day, by luck or by fate you will find that the loveless days you spent eternity weeping over will be gone, and you will find that your heart will soon be on its way to repair, patching up the scrapes and scratches that covered the way it was— when life was abundant and love was a teasing battle. And when you do, I hope you realize how necessary everything was. The regret, the anguish— all of it. You needed it to happen. You can’t understand happiness without the sadness that accompanies it. They are bound together like day and night, or work and rest, cradling each other like the moon, and the earth. 

But it’s not to say we are completely bound to eternal grief. We are still tied together, whether with ropes and knots or by a single thread. We can’t cut the ties if we wanted to but we still try to thin them out, maybe just until they are just slim sheets of infinity.

So, quit moping. Wipe your eyes, and try to see it clearer now. The somber days will still come, if not in minutes then maybe months. How horrible it can be, is all up to you. As long as your heart beats, as long as your legs can run or your fingers can type you will always be here, alive—living. The nights will still come and the sun will still shine and the planets will still rotate.

And look, so will you.

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